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The Olde English Bulldogge is a very new and rare breed developed by David Leavitt by the crossing of half English Bulldog, and the other half: Bullmastiff, Pit Bull and American Bulldog. In 1971 he became disenchanted with English Bulldogs due to their breeding and breathing problems. He discovered that they didn’t look like their ancestors who were healthier and less extreme. David's goal was to produce a dog with the looks of the 18th century bulldog, with the temperament of today's English Bulldogs, yet healthy, without breathing problems, or all the other aliments today's English Bulldogs are prone to.
This new breed can now breathe. They will never be like hounds, able to run for miles during the hottest weather of summer, but they’re three times better than the restricted modern Bulldog. Cesarean section births are not necessary. Artificial insemination, due to male ineptness and lack of drive, has been replaced by natural ties.
Lifespan is over eleven years.
The first Highland Lynx litter was in 1995. It was a cross breed between a Jungle Curl and a Desert Lynx. It carried the traits of both the cats with it. The traits of the Lynx were prominent in the litter. Later on DNA test ruled out the prospect of it being related to a bobtail but revealed that the Highland Lynx was more closely associated with the Pixie-Bob.
Controversy went on regarding the pedigree of the Highland Lynx. Each breeder wanted to show his own line. But the most relevant point that came out was Highland Lynx was actually a cross of the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl. Again the Desert Lynx and Highland Lynx not a similar breed actually the only markings which distinguish it are its difference in the ears. The Desert Lynx has a straight ear but the Highland Lynx has curly ear tips.
REMEMBER EFFECTIVE 2014: ALL PETS WILL BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED or you will not receive registration papers and your contract will be in violation of our terms and subject to penalties, unless other arrangements have been made regarding breeding rights.
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